About Us


Quality Dolphin Pools is a family owned and operated Concrete Swimming Pool and Restoration Company based in Perth, Western Australia. Established in 1971 by John Conley, and now run by Shaun Conley and Adrian Elphick, our team has been designing, constructing and restoring concrete swimming pools for over 44 years.

Building and renovating approximately 100 pools per year, Quality Dolphin Pools has established itself as one of the highly respected swimming pool companies in WA.

Winners of several awards including the SPASA WA Pool of the Year award for 2011, 2013 and 2014, Quality Dolphin Pools prides ourselves on our attention to detail, honesty, reliability and commitment to excellent workmanship.

Quality Dolphin Pools are SPASA WA accredited, with every domestic pool comes the peace of mind of a SPASA WA completion guarantee certificate.


What is SPASA?

The Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) is a self-regulated organisation in which members agree to abide by its rules, regulations and strict code of ethics in the conduct of their business. SPASA is the recognised authority on pools and spas, equipment and maintenance. The association is made up of leading pool and spa builders, equipment and chemical suppliers and service organisations, such as pool shops. They can be easily identified as they all proudly display the SPASA logo. There is a staffed association office in Western Australia. If you have any queries, please contact us. If we cannot answer your particular question, you will be put in touch with a member who specialises in your area of concern.


Benefits of Dealing with a SPASA member
  • SPASA members provide the safeguard of a COMPLETION GUARANTEE for all domestic pools (conditions apply).
  • SPASA pool builders must use the SPASA-approved contracts for domestic pools.
  • SPASA members are regularly advised of the latest technology and trade information from within Australia and overseas.
  • SPASA members must comply with the Australian Standards and meet all legal requirements.
  • SPASA provides a permanently staffed office, with employees that are competent to advise and appropriately refer or assist customers with their enquiries.
  • SPASA members have access to technical training and educational programmes designed to ensure their construction and maintenance staff perform with technical excellence.
  • Prior to acceptance as a member of SPASA, all applicants are assessed by the association as to their competence, experience and professionalism.
  • Prospective members must provide evidence of successful and competent trading over a substantial period, together with an acceptable credit rating. They must also supply evidence of adequate public liability insurance to ensure protection for you, the customer